You would have to be living under a rock somewhere not to have heard about the viral video produced by Jefferson Bethke called “Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus,” found here. 15.5 million views so far. Others have commented on this video, so I will not. In any case, it has spawned many responses on YouTube. I saw a Roman Catholic one that is well worth responding to, as it is filled with canards and simple historical errors. But the main one I am focused upon is one from a young Muslim:

I have contacted Ivey Conerly, who is excited about working with me to produce a response to this video. I am writing the material, Ivey will take my less than poetical prose and apply his gifts and talents and produce the lyrical version and record a high quality video response. I will try to follow up with a full video discussion of each of the points raised (linked from the version Ivey will record), and, I’ve been told, TurretinFan is writing a point-by-point response as well. Ivey Conerly is a Christian artist who just released a new album featuring yours truly on a few tracks…don’t panic! I’m just reading some scripture, mainly. You can check it out here.

So here’s where you, our supporters and friends, come in. For Ivey to be able to produce the video there will need to be some travel involved. We need to put together around $500 to be safe to make sure everything is covered. Not a lot, but I would like to ask folks to partner with us so we can get this done right. I think Ivey has the skill to really bring the gospel to the young Muslims who would view this response. If you can be of assistance, please consider giving with a note “for video production.” Here is the PayPal link where you can donate any amount you want toward this project.

Update: We have met the fundraising goal for this project. Thanks to all who donated. Now, to get things moving forward.

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