David Wood linked to this discussion of the banning of Geert Wilders from the UK. I really have to wonder what Wilders said in Fitna that was any “worse” than what I said in my debates regarding Muhammad and the Qur’an? I wonder when I will be banned as well? Given the “my head is blissfully in the sand, I have no idea” attitude of the MP in the discussion, I could be banned at any time, and that without the slightest review of anything I’ve actually said! I enjoyed the Muslim participant’s engaging personality and insightful points. He’s right: the government has banned debate on the topic, despite the MP’s pitiful “you can always fly to Holland.” Dhimmitude is a horrible thing, especially when it is being promoted by spineless Westerners who no longer believe anything is really true, anything is really important.

A word to my Muslim friends: you may well think that the collapse of the West into a secular socialism, combined with economic anarchy, is somehow relevant to the truth claims of Islam. Given the kind of wishy-washy churchianity that you have probably encountered, I can understand why you might think that way. But let me tell it to you straight: from the Christian perspective, God would be holy and just to flush Western culture right down the Tube-O-History given the rampant sin and rebellion that marks that culture. The light of God’s truth has shown brightly in Western countries, and yet they have turned their backs upon Him and His ways. God will not be mocked. What we see today in the hatred of the culture for holiness and righteousness is part and parcel of God’s wrath, as He is removing His hand of restraint. Bringing judgment upon sinful cultures is perfectly in line with Christian teaching, even if most of those who call themselves Christians today have been infected by post-modernism so that they refuse to speak clearly about God’s wrath. Don’t confuse those forms of churchianity that are ashamed of the hard truths of the Bible with true, biblical Christianity.

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