Are these Muslims burning an embassy merely “radicals” or is there something about the very core and heart of Islam that gives rise to this kind of behavior? What kind of spirit leads people to wish to behead someone for drawing a caricature that, let’s be honest, is significantly less insightful than say, the picture of the father carrying his tiny daughter with a fake bomb vest strapped to her chest that we saw in Palestine? Where is the outcry when Christ is regularly mocked in all the media of the world? One cannot help but think of Ahmed Deedat’s statement that Muslims above all believe in Christ: but, they don’t burn down buildings when Christ is depicted in cartoons, do they? But if Mohammed is shown saying “We have run out of virgins!” to a line of waiting Muslim men (a completely appropriate commentary on Islam’s horrific view of the afterlife) Muslims go wild and start loading the clips of their AK-47s. Why not take the opportunity to demonstrate the error inherent in the pictures, if there is error? What a wasted opportunity if you represent the “one true faith.”
And Iran wants a nuclear bomb. Yes indeed.

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