I will be in Toronto next week speaking at a conference along with Michael Haykin (Toronto Baptist Seminary) and Thabiti Anyabwile. The conference is being put on by Sola Scriptura Ministries, and the title is “Christianity – Islam: Two Faiths! Two Worldviews! – One God?” I will be speaking on “Discussing the Bible and the Qur’an” and “Discussing Christ and God.” Way too little time for way too much to say. But hopefully I can get something useful into the time frames I have. In any case, I am looking forward to meeting the saints up in Toronto and hopefully encouraging them as well. Knowing that Shabir Ally’s Islamic Dawa center is not far away, I’m sure we will have some visitors as well! Pray for these meetings.
   One of the folks in our chat channel pointed me to this brief clip of pastor Anyabwile doing a debate in Dubai.

   Here is the full debate in Google Video.

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