An old friend here on Long Island brought a really nice video camera to my lecture on Islam’s Self-Identification as a Denial of Christian Truth in Baldwin Tuesday evening. It is truly amazing the quality that is now available in the tiniest little cameras! Anyway, he brought a DVD of the video to my talk last night in Merrick (where I addressed Jesus in the Qur’an), and I pulled the video late last night of a ten minute segment where I began to introduce the audience to Surah 112. While this is basic information (only two people in the audience had ever even read parts of the Qur’an), I provide it today to contrast with the kind of representation of Christian belief that you find in Islamic apologetics. Here I am speaking to a Christian audience yet, as you can see, I truly seek to be accurate in the information I am presenting, and fair in my comments, even while critiquing and disagreeing with the material under consideration. I leave it to the fair minded viewer whether this is the common practice on “the other side.”

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