Today on the Little Green Footballs blog we read:

   According to Robert Spencer, National Review decided to cave in to pressure from the Council on American Islamic Relations because they were “choosing their battles.”
   While it’s definitely true that National Review has done a great deal to expose the agenda of radical Islam, and I’m not going to stop reading them, I disagree strongly with their decision to remove advertisements for books critical of Islam and I’m very disappointed at their lack of resolve. This is anything but an insignificant battle; it’s a pivotal part of CAIR’s anti-democratic jihad to have all criticism of Mohammed or of Islam declared “hate speech,” and National Review has now set a dangerous precedent that will certainly embolden CAIR to intensify their efforts.

This is just another of the many odd examples of Western self-destruction that I have noted of late. When in England I was informed that they passed a law last year that prohibits the display of the British flag! It might “offend” someone! It is one thing to point out the forces that wish to make everyone living in Western society ashamed of the good that their nations have done in the past. That’s bad enough. But when people willingly bow their heads and submit to such pressures, well, that’s simply judgment, the removal of the spine, the fortitude, the simple heart, of a people. Since 9/11 doesn’t it strike you as terribly odd that Islam has become the protected militant religion? You dare not question the Qur’an or Mohammed, or the Mainstream Media will be all over you! But, “Islam means peace” is an almost daily slogan, despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary. It is truly amazing. CAIR is intent not upon defending Islam through rigorous debate and truthful interaction: that isn’t the Islamic way. Look at the Islamic world today. What happens if someone speaks out, no matter the truthfulness of their words, in an Islamic country. Prison. Beatings. Execution. That can’t happen on a governmental basis in the West yet. But don’t be naive: that is the goal. And till then, intimidation will be the rule. Here is more on the books they are seeking to suppress. Oh, and get ready for the incessant repetition of the new politically-correct phrase: “Islamophobia.” Evidently, since the homosexual lobby has found “homophobia” so wonderfully useful, this will be the next usage of “place group you wish to promote to the position of having super-rights here + phobia” ploy. Think the proper description of “Christophobia” in describing the activities of the MSM and the Judicial Oligarchy would catch on? Nah, probably not.

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