I had not intended to utilize this material. I commented on what brought this “discussion” about right after it took place, here. This morning Mr. Gulam posted on our Facebook page a question. He asked why I was “hiding” our “debate.” Well, this isn’t a debate, of course, and we have been hiding nothing. I was given the DVD of this encounter, as well as the one with Sheikh Ahmed Awal, last evening, before we began recording the next episodes of Answering Islam for ABN. But since Mr. Gulam made the accusation, I took the time to do a quick burn of the encounter and upload it to YouTube. It is one hour fifty-one minutes in length (I am surprised YouTube accepted the single file upload). At least the questions at the end are educational, and somewhat entertaining. Unless Mr. Gulam develops the personal ability to reflect upon his own worldview, this will be the only encounter we will be having.

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