I was just watching a very disturbing video, taken by Muslims themselves, of a clash with police in London on January 3rd, 2009. Since the Muslims were using profanity (and yelling “Allahu Akhbar” at the same time), I will not post the video, but here is the current link. I doubt it will be up long.
   In any case, the video is shocking on many levels. The abject hatred of those yelling “Free Palestine!” and “Allahu Akhbar” speaks volumes. The impotency of the British police likewise speaks to the incapacity of compromised Western nations to defend themselves and do what is right (those protestors seen throwing objects and attacking police should be arrested, tried, and jailed). But what is even worse is the insanity of Western commentators in the face of such behavior. Note this:

LONDON (AFP) — Government ministers expressed concern Monday that Israel’s military campaign in Gaza was radicalising Muslims in Britain.

Radicalize? Just what does it take to move a Muslim from “moderate” to “radical”? The fact is, very, very little. And the dhimmi West, its backbone eroded by immorality, post-modernism, and secular humanism, cannot see that it is absurd and simply wrong to reason, “Oh, we dare not act in self defense here, for if we do, someone might be offended over there, so…we will just acquiesce to everyone.”
   I am glad that there are, in fact, “moderate” Muslims. My fear is, they lack the foundation to fight for their position. The religion they embrace is internally incoherent and hence incapable of providing correction to the “radicals.”
   Meanwhile, dhimmitude comes to Germany.

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