I was thinking after posting the information about Caner’s endorsement disappearing from the Siljander website…what if this had nothing to do with Caner? What if someone contacted Mark Siljander, provided him with the mountain of documentation proving that everything Cal Thomas said about Caner, as recorded in the book, is bogus (born and raised in Turkey, came here to convert us, blah blah blah), and he realized he did not need that kind of publicity? I jumped to the conclusion that the “endorsement pull” came from Caner’s side (given that it would be downright simplistic to post videos of Caner blasting everything Siljander says about Islam, jihad, etc. In fact, let’s do that right now:

Notice the string of falsehoods: madrassas in Istanbul and Cairo (he didn’t mention Beirut in this one), coming here when he was 14 (he was 2.5 and he knew it when he said it), and the lie that he knew nothing about America (tough to back that one up when you grow up in Ohio)—of course, we could give him a pass on saying he knew nothing about America when he actually did come here. Most 2.5 year olds are not overly culturally literate. But note that his view of jihad is the exact view of jihad Siljander attacks and decries and identifies as the main part of the problem in his book!). But what if the pull came from Siljander’s side? An interesting possibility.

In any case, I would like to ask either Mark Siljander or Ergun Caner to explain the disappearance of the endorsement. If Ambassador Siljander pulled it, why? And if Ergun Caner pulled it, again, why? Were the words that appeared in the endorsement true when written? If they were, why remove them? Has something changed? Was the Insider Movement a good thing in 2008, but is not now? Was the Trinity, the Son of God, the cross—all of that, just linguistic semantics in 2008, but all of a sudden Ergun has come to think they are more than that? Why did Ergun Caner present the very view of jihad decried by Siljander in his book in all his videos and talks even after 2008? Just why did he endorse that book, even to the point of being in the acknowledgments as one who did “dynamic editing” of the book? I think all those who still labor under the misconception that Ergun Caner has some kind of innate expertise on Islam, and is a trustworthy source of information thereon, need answers to these (and so many more) questions.

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