When you read that headline, do you automatically assume it is in reference to some Islamic state with Sharia law in place, clerics as judges, and prisons filled with those who do not think exactly as they should? Well, guess what? This isn’t about Pakistan or Saudi Arabia or anywhere else other than…the good ol’ USofA. Here’s the AP story.
   This is why “hate crimes” legislation must be opposed at every step, and those already enacted must be repealed if this nation is to avoid committing simple cultural suicide. These “hate crimes” have no objective standards. You cannot read the minds of others, so to even attempt to do so demands that judges (normally) or juries establish non-objective standards that are the very heart and soul of oppression and the end of freedom of expression and belief.
   Regarding this specific story, I wonder how many Bibles are thrown into toilets on a regular basis across this nation? I wonder how many “hate crimes” prosecutions have resulted? What is next? Will I be silenced by the powers-that-be for stating the truth that Muhammad did not understand the Christian faith, accepted as real fictional stories about Jesus (from gnostic sources), and as such the Qur’an should not be seen as a revelation from God? It is sadly clear that we cannot rely upon the old maxim, “Truth is the best defense.” These days, speaking the truth may be a tremendous liability in a culture that seems to be intent upon expressing its hatred for truth in every possible fashion.

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