Last week we mentioned that we were working on a major addition to our October class and cruise, The Cross: Historicity and Theology, but at the time, we could not give details. But now we are happy to announce that Islamic apologist Shabir Ally will be debating me on the topic of the crucifixion on Friday night, October 19th at the SeaTac Marriott, the same location where I debated John Dominic Crossan in 2005. That means we will disembark the ship Friday morning, head to the Marriott, and that evening apply all the things we have learned over the course of the cruise as we seek to glorify God, honor Christ, and proclaim His cross and resurrection in debate with Shabir Ally.
   When we first contacted Shabir, we asked about the Saturday before the cruise, for this is how we have always handled things in the past. But when he could not engage the debate that weekend, but only the weekend after, we started to think of the great advantages of moving the debate to the end of the cruise, especially in light of the nature of this cruise’s intensive class on the subject of the cross. This way, we will be able, as a group, to prepare for the debate and pray together as well that God will honor the defense of His truth.
   So, tomorrow I will post a link to a page with all the details of how you can get set up at the Seatac Marriott, rates, etc., and how to get in to the debate for free by making sure you have your room reservations made by March 1 even if you are not on the cruise. But you don’t have to wait till tomorrow to join us on the cruise! The link is on the right hand column of this blog. And more than that, start praying even now for this tremendous opportunity!

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