I have mentioned the on-going process over the past few months, but I can now confirm the following:

Is the New Testament We Possess Today Inspired?
James White Affirms
Shabir Ally Denies
Saturday, May 6th, Biola University Gymnasium
Los Angeles, California

Of course, it is my hope that this will be the first of a number of debates with Mr. Ally on the key issues of the Scriptures, the nature of God, salvation, etc. Of course, I have engaged large portions of Mr. Ally’s arguments on this topic on the Dividing Line and on this blog, and will continue doing so between now and then. I am thankful this topic will come first, for it lays the foundation for a debate on the person of Christ, the Trinity, the atonement, etc. I am very excited that the Lord has opened up this opportunity. I am always amazed when the Lord allows Alpha and Omega Ministries such wonderful opportunities of ministry in the defense of the faith once for all delivered to the saints. Please pray for us as we continue our regular ministry duties, deal with the pressures (time wise and financially) of the move, as well as the upcoming schedule of speaking and debating, including Shabir Ally and John Shelby Spong.

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