It is truly hard not to laugh out loud at this one. Someone on Twitter sent me this link this morning. I have become accustomed to the “we can’t argue with you, we are clueless about history and logic, but we can make outrageous claims and get our fellow jihadis to think we are brave” attitude of certain Muslims on YouTube. I pointed out yesterday on the Dividing Line an example posted by MuslimByChoice where he claims I “ADMIT” that Mark 16:9-20 is “A FORGERY!!!” This is all these folks can do—they cannot deal with the issues themselves, and, sadly, probably do not even understand the issues, but truthfulness and accuracy is not a part of their game plan. They have an audience that, likewise, is not concerned about such things. Frustrated by their inability to engage meaningful apologetic argumentation from the Christian perspective, they are looking only for symbolic victories, no matter how shallow or empty they may be in reality. Their audience is made up of people who are already deeply prejudiced, who have no interest or time to invest in actually thinking about the real issues at hand. While MuslimByChoice’s materials are bad, the video I saw this morning currently stands as “the worst example of absurdity by a Muslim apologist” I’ve seen to date. At least when it comes to their attempts to provide a response to me.

On March 21, 2008 I tried, anyway, to debate Nadir Ahmed. Nadir had shown up at my church to challenge me to debate him. Here is the full debate:

Now, let me simply state that the Muslims in the audience were clearly angry with Nadir Ahmed’s infantile behavior and performance. He used only seven minutes of his twenty minute opening statement since, quite simply, he had nothing of meaning to say. He behaved like a child, and everyone in the audience knew it. It was embarrassing to even be on the same stage with a man who is so clearly disabled in his reasoning and behavior. Nadir would have been disqualified in any formal debate setting for any number of violations of the rules. In fact, if there had been a panel of judges, the encounter would have been called after the opening statements. I, and every other honest adult in the room, Christian, Muslim, or other, was simply disgusted by the time we got to the portion of the debate that has now been posted on the Internet.

So what happens when you put in such an embarrassing performance, one so bad that even the Muslims are yelling at you by the end of the evening? Well, you let a few years pass, then you post a video where the other guy isn’t even speaking, where Nadir, ignoring the topic of the debate, is now throwing out a challenge to debate some other topic, a sad and pathetic means of propping up his own standing as an apologist. No one in that room, and I mean no one, would have expected me to debate Nadir ever again after his childish behavior that evening. If the Muslims had any control over their apologists they would have retired Nadir that night. But clearly, no such control exists, and Nadir just keeps soldiering on. So, here’s the video I was directed to this morning:

So there you go. Clear evidence that I “RAN AWAY” from “clear” evidence for Islam! In the context of the actual debate, this is one of the most pathetic attempts at face-saving I’ve ever seen. But Nadir will get away with it for a particular group, the only group he cares about: those who have no interest in truthfulness, no interest in facts, no interest in logic. Just, “give me a reason to keep believing!” An amazing example of how many, many Muslims simply do not really believe the Qur’an itself:

Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction, and argue with them in a way that is best. Indeed, your Lord is most knowing of who has strayed from His way, and He is most knowing of who is [rightly] guided. (Surah 16:125)

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