Over at the “SBC Today” blog, Tim C. Guthrie is expressing his strong negative emotions regarding the disclosures that are being made about Ergun Caner’s autobiographical embellishments (link). Among a lot of other things, TCG wrote: “There is absolutely nothing new being brought to light concerning Dr. Ergun Caner.” and “How sad is the person who thinks that by doing some internet research that is old news is now out of nowhere NEW?” and again “This is not a major issue accept for the fact that the history of the school has been questioned and Mr. White obviously fails to understand that Dr. Caner had to undergo a major screening to fill the position he now has.”

Is TCG claiming that people, particularly the leadership of Liberty University, have known for years that Caner has been embellishing his autobiography? Such a claim would raise issues of integrity for the leadership of Liberty University, who I would otherwise assume are blameless. If TCG is correct, we would be right to ask why Liberty University’s biography of Ergun Caner lists him as immigrating to the U.S. in 1979 when, in fact, he immigrated nearly a decade earlier than that? (link to biography – as of March 31, 2010, it states: “Ergun was born in Stockholm, Sweden to turkish parents and in 1979 immigrated to the United States with his parents, grandmother, and two brothers. Ergun became an American citizen in 1984 and currently resides in Lynchburg, VA with his wife and two sons.”) I hope TCG is wrong, and that Liberty University’s leadership was unaware of Ergun Caner’s autobiographical embellishments. Either way, one can apparently check to see if Jerry Fallwell is turning over in his grave (link to Fallwell GraveCam – compare the Vatican’s John Paul II GraveCam)

– TurretinFan

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