I sent the link to this video to Mr. Zaatari when I posted it, and he replied quickly:

howdy James, i just saw your video and i was STUNNED by the weaknesses of your supposed rebuttals! In fact i couldnt believe how weak your response to the Jesus wine issue was! a wedding-party is the same thing, at weddings people drink ALOT OF WINE and Jesus was making wine for them, hence we can confidently say people did get drunk at this party-wedding. anyways i will be comming out with a rebuttalon my site soon, maybe by tonight or tommorow.

   Once again, rational folks are left shaking their heads at this kind of thinking. Only a work of grace can break through such prideful ignorance.
And then:

What double-standards, when the rebuttal is out you will see how weak your responses were, and so will the people. you COMPLETLY tried to pull a fast one over the people on Jesus and wine, and you know it, the only rebuttal you had for me with Jesus was its a wedding and not a party! you and i know, at weddings people consume alot of wine, thats a FACT. and again even if you say they didnt get drunk which you cant prove, you quote verses saying wine isnt good SO WHY IS JESUS GIVING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE? if something is bad shouldnt you simply stay away from it? Number two you IGNORE one of my main points which is that YOU say Jesus is an example for you, so i can take Jesus’ example of this incident and serve wine at parties weddings or any banquet, since theres nothing from the context which says wine for marriage parties only. so notice James, your response actually backfires badly and shows Jesus was doing something wrong and careless by giving alcohol out when you quote verses showing its bad and should be stayed away from!!!!!!!!!!!

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