Shadid Lewis and Sami Zaatari have been commenting on my last video, and they have stated that we should watch the video to see what they really said. In fact, it has been suggested that I am being dishonest in my comments. So, I happen to have video from sections of both debates on my little digital camera (seems like a wise thing to do in light of what has been happening since the debates—I mean, video is hard to argue with). Since Shadid has been the main voice in commenting, here I provide not only my response, but I provide the video of Shadid Lewis presenting his “sign of Jonah” argument, as well as his citation of historical fiction writer, Michael Baigent (the man who wrote Holy Blood, Holy Grail) as if Baigent is a Greek scholar. If Mr. Lewis would like to repudiate Baigent and abandon this argument, that is great. I would welcome his so doing. In any case, since the allegation of misrepresentation has been made, here is the video itself. Let the viewer decide!

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