We have wrapped up recording a total of thirty two segments of video, twenty one of which are specifically for Iran, eleven others for other venues (all on the topic of Islam). The folks at the studio were kind enough to convert one of the first specifically Islam-related programs to a video format I can post on YouTube, and so I will post it in three segments, beginning below.
   By the way, I discovered recently that GodTube completely deleted all of my videos and my entire account without notification. When I wrote and asked why they did this, I received little meaningful response, other than, “Sorry!” I had not been using them of late anyway, as their process time for an uploaded video was often over twelve hours, sometimes more than a full day. But, that also means that the blog archives are now filled with dead video links. I really do not have time to recreate those videos, if I did not keep the original files, but if I can find a spare moment I will try to repost at least some of the videos I had posted on GodTube. I wish the folks at GodTube well, but it is quite clear to me that their technology/hardware elements are far, far below standard.

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