We finally have video of the arrest of David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi in Dearborn. I am truly incensed. I am incensed, of course, at the grossly unconstitutional actions of the Dearborn PD (and the clearly politically based cover up by the Dearborn city government, especially the chief of police and the mayor, that has followed). I am not really upset with certain Muslim rabble-rousers who have been attacking David and Nabeel: they are only showing their hearts by their behavior. But I am most incensed at the Christians who have borne false witness, to me personally, about the behavior of David and Nabeel. I have known David and Nabeel for a few years now. Before I post the video, let me give you some context.

I had spent about an hour with Nabeel, David, and Nageen (I am uncertain if Paul was with us at lunch) the afternoon they were arrested at the ABN studios. I was talking with the head of ABN when they came in (we had gotten some burritos for them at a local restaurant). As soon as Nabeel came in he told me he had just finished a class on systematic theology, said he thought he had a good grip on the issues relating to Reformed theology, and launched a series of good questions for me. This led to a discussion on the key elements of my beliefs as a Calvinist. It was not an argument, it was a good period of questions on Nabeel’s part, answers on mine. And Nabeel was listening carefully to my replies. This is how I know Nabeel…as an honest hearted young man, brilliant (a medical doctor!), teachable, intense. I have tried to be a good example of a more mature believer for him, as little contact as we have had. And I hope I have done the same for David (this was the first time I met Nageen).

In any case, when I had people telling me about bad behavior of Nabeel and David, I was immediately suspicious. But why would Christian groups bear false witness about them? Well, why has Hussein Wario become a wild-eyed defender of Ergun Caner? I do not know, but it happens. But I have said to a number of folks, “How about we just wait for the video footage?” And now we have it.

Please note something: every objection these kids (and they are kids Nabeel is talking to—Nabeel attracts young people) are throwing at Nabeel are standard, every-day Islamic objections to the Christian faith. I have answered every single one of them many, many times, during debates, after debates, in all sorts of contexts. And Nabeel answered every single one exactly as I would have. He was bearing witness to a relatively small group of young people exactly as I have done literally hundreds of times over the years in places like Salt Lake City and Mesa, Arizona. And in the vast majority of those instances, officers of the law were nearby. And I have never been arrested, because, obviously, there is absolutely, positively nothing illegal about what Nabeel was doing, or what David was doing, or what Paul was doing, or what Nageen was doing. And every single person in the Dearborn PD and city government knows it. Or, they will, after the courts get done explaining the Constitution to them, anyway. Nabeel Qureshi was arrested for presenting the Christian faith clearly and openly in the face of Islamic objections. The video proof now exists. I think a lot of Christians owe Acts 17 major apologies. I hope they offer those apologies, publicly.

Pray that this case will be handled correctly. Our Constitutional rights are at stake here. The arrest report is clearly fraudulent, as this evidence demonstrates. The parties responsible need to be held accountable to the law. Not Sharia, to the Constitution of the United States of America, where this took place.

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