I have never tried embedding an entire playlist before, so here is my first shot at it. I am not going to extend out eleven videos of the Nadir Ahmed “debate.” His behavior is so far below acceptable that it gets in the way of the subject. So here is the playlist so that those who do wish to observe the interaction can do so. You may also want to share this with anyone who gets caught up in Nadir’s constant debate challenges. This debate provides all the necessary documentation for any rational and reasonable person to dismiss Mr. Ahmed as one utterly unqualified to engage in public disputation. Below the playlist I am also providing one other video I produced debunking Ahmed’s “Acid Test” argument. I had prepared the slides before the debate, since Ahmed had said he would present the argument, but he did not. I did not wish to waste the effort.

And then Ahmed’s “Acid Test” debunked and refuted:

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