Yesterday as I rode I was listening to a series of lectures of Hamza Yusuf on the life of Muhammad. I was taken aback at the direct nature of his statements regarding the absolute necessity of loving Muhammad. Indeed, that the Muslim must love Muhammad more than he loves his own soul. That by loving Muhammad one can find eternal life and forgiveness of sins. That Muhammad was the perfect man, the balanced man, the greatest man who ever lived, the example for all time, etc. and etc. It was burdensome to listen to, I assure you. Then today this video was referenced in Twitter, and it clearly proves the point that Islam offers in Muhammad a view that truly makes one wonder how, in light of the “associative waw” in the Shahada, monotheism can be maintained. When Christians worship Jesus, we are worshipping the God/Man, our Creator, who has risen from the dead. How can these Muslims be saying they love a dead man more than they love themselves? Oh for a bold proclamation of the gospel to these precious people who have been given such a shallow substitute for the true One who is worthy of their love and dedication!

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