Tony Costa has confirmed to me that the story of Pastor Harding being sentenced to “Islamic Re-education” is factually accurate. I am at a loss for words at the hypocrisy of Canadian jurisprudence that allows Muslims to deny the heart of the Christian faith while criminalizing Christian apologetics! The Canadian press seems a willing accomplice. I was referred to one article (ht: Carla) referring to Harding as a “convicted hate criminal.” Get used to it folks. Ever read John 15? It is hard not to come to the conclusion that Canada has not only lost its judicial mind, but may well need to be added to the world map of nations that persecute Christian belief. And this is only proven by this story in World Magazine. Those seeking to deport Zachariah Anani seek to avoid the kind of open, honest exchange that we still, for now, have the freedom to engage in.
   Note the value of meaningful interaction by watching this exchange between myself and Hamza Abdul Malik on his allegations of contradiction in the New Testament. The circularity of Malik’s argument is further exposed by Gleason Archer in the second video.
   See why you should be listening to the DL this afternoon when we continue the series on textual criticism? The days when we will be able to openly discuss these things in the West are numbered.

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