Lord willing I will get a chance to listen to the recent Green/Kunde debate from Australia tomorrow, but Sam Shamoun has already done so, and has written two very useful responses to some of Abdullah Kunde’s comments. Once again, Sam and I both call upon our Islamic opponents in debate to argue consistently. Do not use one standard for Islam, and another for Christianity. Let truth be truth. If you are going to rely upon ultra liberal humanistic scholarship for your anti-Christian arguments, then accept what those arguments mean for Islam and the Qur’an as well. If you are going to say the Federal Headship of Adam or the imputation of sins to Jesus in His sacrifice are “illogical,” then say the same thing about the corresponding beliefs in Islam. I continue to look for that first consistent Muslim apologist. The search has been long. It might get longer! [I hasten to add a word of commendation for Abdullah Kunde, however: while I find his argumentation inconsistent, Abdullah has, in my dealings with him, been consistently calm and respectful, even when some Christian callers have been quite unfair to him.] Here are Sam’s responses. First Response. Second Response.

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