In the video posted below you will hear Jalal Abualrub say the following:

You remember my point, he said that Christians don’t consider Jesus the Father. Where then he does not know the last our, because he’s not divine. Oh, but he is in complete harmony with the Father. Really? One then died. And the Holy Ghost and the God had no idea what was going on – one of them died! No, the one who died is an addition, not the subtraction. Come on people! Offer the creed the same way Abraham gave it to his people. Did he ever say anything like this? We’re angry. I was insulted twice here. The stuff my opponent said about Mohammed (peace be upon him in arabic). Taking stuff out of context and put in [inaudible] fabricate afterwards. And secondly, calling a son to God is the greatest offense to us muslims. So don’t think you can come here and act you’re angry, because we are angry. Because Allah doesn’t have a son. He told you so. Jesus never said I am Lord, I am divine, I am the God, the Creator, worship Me as you worship God, the Holy Ghost is God. Adam didn’t say, Abraham didn’t say, Noah didn’t say. They must have known another god than the one you know. I ask Allah to open your hearts and mind. Because Jesus said it in so many ways that he is not God. You just want to stick it to him no matter what. [Allahu akhbar a couple of times from the crowd]

   What I hope you will note is his statement that the Muslims are “angry” over…what? A belief preached and taught by centuries of Christians before Muhammad ever preached a word! This is a wonderful illustration of my assertion that Islam’s own self-identification in such passages as Surah 112 involves the denial of Christian truths. Islam cannot define itself without attacking the Christian faith. It has always been this way.
   I might add that later in the debate Jalal Abualrub said that it was Christianity that invaded Iraq. I replied by stating that as long as people think that way, there is no possibility of peace in our world. It is simply ridiculous to say Christianity invaded Iraq in the form of coalition forces.
[Thanks to Ragnar in Norway for the quick transcription of Jalal Abualrub’s remarks cited above].

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