A couple of times during my talks on the doctrine of election while in Italy I noted the constant biblical fact that all God does in salvation is “in Christ.” And in conjunction with this observation I commented that the Father does not draw His elect people to anyone but Christ, including Buddha, and Mohammed. But whenever you speak about such things, in the back of your mind you cannot help but realize that despite the documented role of Islam in terrorism around the world, Muslims are very quick to cry “persecution” and seek to silence their critics. Witness today’s Reuter’s story, reprinted at washingtonpost.com, found here. I could not help but note this:

Adel Smith, a high-profile Muslim activist who brought the original law suit, hailed the decision.
“It is the first time a judge has ordered a trial for defamation of the Islamic faith,” he told reporters. “But this isn’t just about defamation. We would also like (the court) to recognize that this is an incitement to religious hatred.”

I wonder if Mr. Smith would likewise like to see all the Muslim Imams who preach jihad and the extermination of America likewise brought up on charges? I sorta doubt it. Of course, in those Islamic countries, that could never happen. Only in the self-destructive, internally decaying culture of the West could such inane, idiotic things happen as this. Just amazing.

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