Here is my third and final response to Zakir Naik’s appearance on The Deen Show. What I did was take my opening statement from my debate with Shabir Ally on this topic from London in November of last year, along with my comments on Deuteronomy 18:18 from the preceding debate, and put that audio under the KeyNote slides I used.

Let me take this opportunity to note that we have been informed that in essence we need to raise $500 for each of the four debates I did in London to get the video tapes. This includes the two debates with Shabir Ally, one with Adnan Rashid, and one with Sami Zaatari. We will either put an item in the shopping cart to directly raise funds to ransom those tapes, in essence, or, maybe we will do pre-sales and give the opportunity to add a small donation on top of the regular costs to help defray this unexpected cost.


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