So you think Jesus is a mighty angelic creature, the greatest of God’s creations, and is hence “a god”? And that all the passages that refer to him as qeovj, theos, “god,” are simply referring to him as one in a class of mighty angelic creatures? Well, if that is so, pray tell us all: if a creature, no matter how exalted, can be said to be worthy to receive power and riches and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing and dominion (Rev. 5:9-13), be lauded as the one for whom creation itself was made and in whom it has existence (Col. 1:16-17), and be the one to whom every knee bows in confession of His lordship (Phil. 2:10-11), then how on earth could we ever distinguish the worship and honor that is due only to the one true God from that which is given to “lesser creatures” as you believe Jesus to be? Doesn’t your position in essence deprive us of any meaningful way of differentiating between the one true God and any lesser “deity”?

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