Evidently Dr. Stauffer is a hyper-dispensationalist, limiting the NT Scriptures that are “for the church” to the Pauline epistles, etc. No wonder his “exegesis” of Titus 2:13 is next to impossible to understand. David Cloud writes,

According to Stauffer, Paul is THE spokesman for the church age (p. 17); the general epistles of Hebrews to Revelation, while containing some church age applications, are actually written for Great Tribulation saints (pp. 20, 27); salvation is obtained by works during the Tribulation (p. 23); Hebrews and James do not teach eternal security (pp. 23, 29); Peter did not preach the gospel of the grace of God (p. 26); the seven churches of Revelation 1-3 are not the body of Christ (p. 29); the epistle of first John teaches that salvation is through works (p. 56); the book of Acts was not given “to show how to establish the local church or its functions” (p. 72), Abraham had to keep his salvation through works (p. 175).

He likewise identifies Ruckman as the source of Stauffer’s views. Irony of ironies. Mr. Dries, who claims to be a Calvinist, relying upon Ruckmanite hyper-dispensationalism. The world is truly an odd place at times.

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