It is hard to believe my son, now engaged to be married, was only nine years old when this video was shot.

This is from the John Ankerberg series on the King James Only movement (available here). Look at those glasses! Ah, but you can see the hair on the top is thinning, and that quickly. Oh well. This was the same series during which Don Wilkins actually had the audacity to cough, yes, to cough at the beginning of a segment, causing Ankerberg to stop and restart that portion. And the result? Wild-eyed stories of God striking him mute! Don’t believe me? Here’s the story. Is Marrs still running around? Haven’t heard a word about him in years.
   Which reminds me about this article, which contains a link to an audio clip which we haven’t had available for a few years now. I have re-cut it so that people can hear the wild-eyed fanaticism and simple dishonesty of Texe Marrs. Note his “Revelation one, one….one.” One of the folks in the studio literally fell off his chair laughing. Just incredible. Listen for yourself:

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   Oh, and here’s a scan of the envelope Marrs sent me proving his utter dishonesty. Sometimes you just have to see it with your own eyes to believe what these folks are willing to do.

   And one last thing. I did originally spell it “Gayle Riplinger” instead of “Gail Riplinger.” There was a fairly simple reason for that. Look at her original book. She never gave her name. Only “G.A. Riplinger.” Many did not even know a woman had written the book (this was her intention). Once again we find the arguments of the rabid wing of the KJV Only movement significantly less than compelling.

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