From Sam Gipp’s site (ht DC):

First, James White, the famous Bible-hater, put a video on claiming it was the segment of the John Ancherberg Show where Don Wilkins, of the NASV, lost his voice. It wasn’t. It was a different occurrence. The one where Wilkins lost his voice was erased on Ancherberg’s orders. First I did a brief YouTube video explaining that White was lying. White responded by repeating his claim. Therefore I did a second video that shows the real part of the show where Wilkins lost his voice. If White has responded I wouldn’t know ’cause I really have too much to do to spend my days on YouTube. (Which makes me wonder just how much of a “ministry” White has if he has so much free time he can sit around all day making YouTube videos.) You can view these two clips by going to YouTube and searching “Sam Gipp Lost Voice” & “Sam Gipp Lost Voice 2.”

   Though the evidence is without question to any rational observer, I do intend to post one more video, this time adding the testimony of others who were in the room at the time, to finish the case. That will make two, or three witnesses, along with documentation from more than a decade ago, plus the actual video footage, all versus—Sam Gipp’s word. I know that will not convince him, nor his followers, who are immune to rational dialogue and argument anyway, but for those who are interested in the subject, it should be the last word. I do find Gipp’s Ruckmanism (“famous Bible-hater,” “lying” etc.) sad, but somewhat humorous as well. As most know, my schedule is non-stop, including over-seas travel and debating people Gipp doesn’t even know exist, so his comments about how I have nothing better to do are really quite funny.

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