Well, I’ve given him more than enough time. I know he has received my e-mails. He simply will not respond. Though I have asked him to back up his strong statements, Dr. Douglas Stauffer, author of One Book Stands Alone, will not do so. Though he has stooped to unsubstantiated, false ad-hominem, he will not so much as respond to an invitation to appear on the DL, let alone do a debate. So, he joins a long list of KJV Only advocates who will attack you, lie about you, but when faced directly by you, will run and hide, all the while waiting for you to “go away” so they can begin their diatribes again.
In case any of my gentle readers have forgotten the kind of rhetoric KJV Only folks produce, here is a portion of the last e-mail one of those KJV Onlyists sent me just a few days ago:

Listen you filthy devil: people don’t bother debating you because you’re still smoking from every time someone has taken the time you set you straight already. You’re what’s called a reprobate. You’ve been hardened by God. You are going to hell. You hold to the devil’s line no matter what. Good riddance. Have fun with your filthy, satanic manuscripts in hell. In hell when you can finally meet in person your little spiritualist masters Westcott and Hort. Oh, what fun.

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