A few days ago I put Gail Riplinger’s new book on the Ministry Resource List. It is not that I take her writing seriously–no one possibly could–but people ask questions, and this topic looked like it might possibly produce more basic errors of fact than even New Age Bible Versions. So, one of our supporters attempted to purchase the book and have it sent to me. This is what he got in response:

Order Number: 2034
Date Ordered: Monday 06 July, 2009

MasterCard used for this order.

1 x Hazardous Materials by G. A. Riplinger () = $29.95
Sub-Total: $29.95
Shipping Table Rate International shipping costs discounted at
shipping when light CDs or DVDs ordered (United States (UPS)):
Total: $40.95

Delivery Address
James White

Payment Method
Credit Card
dateTue, Jul 7, 2009 at 10:10 AM
subjectAVP order
Dear Sir:

Thank you for your order. However, we will not fill orders for
Mr. James White.

Yours truly,
AV Publications, Corp.

   So, do you think Mrs. Riplinger is overly confident of her new book? I am reminded of the fact that when I was writing the KJVO Controversy book in 1994, I would fax the portions about Riplinger to her for her comment and correction. One night, after the first page was sent, the fax hung up. She did not even want to receive what I was writing so as to check it for accuracy.
   The self-delusional proponents of conspiracy-driven KJV Onlyism, seen with the harshest clarity in Gail Riplinger, are a blight upon the church, to be sure. Many simple believers have been troubled by their wild-eyed fanaticism. But when they will not even allow you to BUY their books, well, that tells you a great deal about what fills their hearts.
   So we will need to arrange to have someone buy the book, have it sent to them, and then send it to me (at extra cost, of course). If someone wishes to do this, please let us know so that I don’t end up with ten copies of this new conspiracy-laden tome. Thanks!
UPDATE: Thanks for all the offers! We have enough now. We have been chuckling in the office, wondering if Riplinger is going to just stop selling the book out of fear someone might send it to me! We can just imagine all phone sales, “That will be $40.99 including shipping…unless…well…do you know James White?”

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