I was sent a link to this gentleman’s videos attacking me. It is a classic example of the mindset that exemplifies King James Onlyism. The description included such lines as, “James White, the master deciever and arrogant liar that he is has distorted much facts about the King James Bible and the history of the Bible as a whole.” As soon as I posted this video, he removed the original and posted another. In it, he promised to read my book and document all the “holes” it has in it.
   I have since seen videos wherein he says I am a “liar, deceiver, an anti-Christ, and not a regenerate person.” This is the kind of behavior KJV Onlyism produces in its followers not just once in a while, but regularly. Of course, I invite this gentleman–no, given his own words, I challenge him–to call the Dividing Line to make his case to me directly. I would very much like to see his zeal channeled into more productive areas.

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