Remember how last month AV Publications (aka, Gail Riplinger) refused to send me a copy of her book, even though the person ordering it paid full price for it? Well, we got someone else to order it, and…here it is! Opened it up right to an attack on my father’s godly Greek professor, Kenneth Wuest. Mrs. Riplinger is still as nutty as ever, that’s for sure. I would love to see what it says about me, if anything at all, but, of course, it has no index. Brilliant. There is a lot of anti-Calvinism in the book as well. If I can hammer out a few moments I’ll document some of it. More of the same, to be sure.
   Also received the Muraoka lexicon of the Greek Septuagint, as well as Tim Staples’ series on Purgatory, which I will now get recorded and plopped on the iPod Nano (which allowed me to finish a 55 minute Carson lecture this morning while riding in about 43 minutes). Once again, many thanks to all who help the work through the Ministry Resource List!

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