Now it all makes sense. Michael Dries, the KJV Onlyist who melted down on the Puritan Board back in March, is c.t., i.e., owner/writer of Plain Path Puritan. Now it all makes sense, including the desperate dishonesty, the cultic denial of salvation to anyone who rejects KJV Onlyism, etc. I simply didn’t make the connection in reading his one article. Upon being challenged to document his “quotation,” he has melted down yet again (John 8:44, Rev. 21:8, KJV). Unable to back up his libelous falsehood, he has instead decided to multiply it repeatedly by falsely attributing all sorts of inane things to me. Read it for yourself. Those who already reject KJV Onlyism for the error it is should just shake their heads at this kind of behavior. But you know who should be seeking Mr. Dries’ repentance and correction? His fellow KJV Onlyists. This kind of outrageous behavior gives them all a black eye. Of course, Mr. Dries knows the phone number to the Dividing Line. He will not call. He knows he cannot back up his lies, so he will just sit behind his keyboard trying to think up new ways to disturb the peace of the church and attack the brethren. The elders of his church should be most wary. I have seen this kind of zealot split more than one fellowship.
   Quick Update: I see now, looking around a bit on his blog, that Mr. Dries has been banned not only from Team Pyro but by Dave Armstrong as well. That says a lot. And if you scroll down a ways you will find a graphic with Doug Wilson on one side and centuri0n on the other. Anyone who has Doug Wilson and centuri0n in a graphic about getting to the celestial city is obviously quite disturbed. Time to stay as far away from him as is humanly possible, though I confess, I would love to hear an attempted explanation of why so many of the Puritans hated the KJV, or why Calvin corrected the TR, etc. But instead, I press on. Writing a chapter on “pandering to pluralism” right now. Must get it done in a matter of hours.

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