We have already warned folks about these men (click here). For our efforts in speaking the truth we ended up with even more childish, ludicrous behavior out of these men at the next conference, as this picture notes:



We reported on this on the Dividing Line, playing audio sections of their inane ranting as well. Since that time, we have not wasted our time at the Conference any longer. After eighteen years of consistent witness, respectfully adorning the gospel of Jesus Christ by speaking the truth to the LDS at the Conference, we determined it was no longer a useful effort, because of the poisonous atmosphere of hatred and mockery created by these “evangelists” with no “evangel.” So we have not distributed literature in Utah at the General Conference during 2003. And I was hoping that possibly these ignorant, rebellious men would tire of their activities and simply go away, allowing for meaningful ministry to take place again (though, repairing the damage done by these men’s “witnessing” would take a very long time). However, as soon as I arrived in Salt Lake this October, I noted on television a report about how they would be showing up in force yet once again. They love attention, they love what they call “persecution.” And I have learned that they took to desecrating LDS temple garments this year, resulting in some LDS trying to take the garments from them. This then resulted in arrests and charges of assault against one of the LDS men. I am glad we were not around. It truly looks like any meaningful witnessing will never again take place during the Conference thanks to these “evangelists” who have no interest in biblical truth. They are quite brave in groups, but one-on-one they are utterly incapable of meaningful apologetic interaction or defense. As I have said many times, they are a scourge, a plague. They may indeed be a form of judgment upon the Mormons, for their hate-filled childish behavior will be taken by many Mormons as another reason not to listen to any meaningful presentation of the gospel.

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