Spent a good portion of time talking about why people “swim the Tiber” in light of Cameron Bertuzzi’s stating that he is closer than he has ever been to embracing Rome’s claims (though, he says, he is still “far away”). Realized while we were doing the program that this month marks the 30th anniversary of my first public debate which was against Gerry Matatics, then of Catholic Answers, on the subject of sola scriptura in Long Beach, California. I am, obviously, getting old (I was a ripe old 27 at the time—younger by four years than my youngest child currently). Anyway, we then looked briefly at a Steven Anderson video on Hosea 11:1 and the Greek LXX, providing more information than Anderson did, and finished up listening to an answer to an audience question Frank Turek provided regarding the subject of Molinism. No more programs this week as I am headed to Arkansas, but we plan by God’s grace to be back next week!


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