Nine years ago now a panel discussion featuring three KJV Only advocates (Sam Gipp, Joe Chambers, and Thomas Strouse) and five non-KJV Only advocates (Dan Wallace, Don Wilkins, Art Farstad, Ken Barker, and myself) was recorded in the studios of the John Ankerberg Show. During the taping of the 4th episode, a complete non-event took place that I knew, given the wild-eyed fanaticism of some of the KJV Only advocates, would end up being twisted into absurdity. I wrote about it shortly after KJV Only folks began telling tall stories about it (click here). Much to my amazement, a quick Google search reveals that many years after the truth about the incident was told, KJV Onlyists continue to peddle a lie as if it were the truth. I was recently made aware of the fact that the entire, uncut, unedited 4th program is available for viewing online. I just watched the whole thing, and 1) remain amazed that KJVO folks continue promoting their fable in light of the documentation available; 2) laughed to note that Thomas Strouse’s voice sounded worse than Don Wilkins’ did (was that God striking him down?); 3) that if this is divine intervention, can’t God overcome a sip of water? and 4) I was once thin as a rail (I was riding more than 5,000 miles a year on a bicycle at the time), had hair (yeah, it was thinning), and man, where did I get those glasses??? It was fascinating to watch the unedited program. I had forgotten that John Ankerberg stopped the whole thing and basically chided everyone for taking too long to answer questions. Having done radio for years, I did my best to be fast, fast, fast. Dan Wallace simply made Sam Gipp look silly, and I remember feeling sorry for Strouse as Gipp made some of the comments that he did. It is definitely worth the 30 some odd minutes to watch it. One thing is for sure. You see why the leading KJV Only advocates prefer monologues to dialogues!

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