The gentleman on the Puritanboard (since banned) that I replied to Tuesday on the DL–the one who referred me to Stauffer’s book–has informed me of his views of me and my replies to his statements. I post this to illustrate the spirit of KJV Onlyism and as evidence, since some seem to need it, in support of my statement that the nastiest folks I run into are KJV Only folks.

   Sorry, the Holy Spirit doesn’t fall into the category of a circular argument. You’re similar to, once again, atheists who argue that quoting the Bible on the existence of God is circular. It’s called faith and having the Spirit of Truth inside you and having, hence, discernment and ability to see.
   This is a regeneration issue. Anybody who can’t see the devil’s hand in the corrupt manuscripts and the devil’s ability to cast delusions and illusion over the eyes of people regarding them, usually with throwing some worldly motive and gain into the picture, just doesn’t have the discernment that comes with regeneration and having the Spirit of Truth.
   That you mock Christians who defend the Word of God against your atheist higher critics and your ridiculous ‘better manuscripts’ (just your thinking that that ridiculous story about a man going to a monastery and finding scraps in a garbage can and going back and having a manuscript presented to him “wrapped in red” – oooh – is somehow evidence of the glorious nature of God’s providence, when everything that occured in the Reformation regarding the Bible coming into the light after the darkness of the Rome and Protestants literally giving their lives for it to happen IS GOD’S TRUE GLORIOUS PROVIDENCE AT WORK, whereas everything you write and speak is the devil’s demands manifesting through his servants – shows you are warped on this subject) again, that you mock God’s elect while defending atheist ‘scholars’ and manuscripts that oh just so happen to delete and distort the Word of God in areas that the devil would want the Word of God defiled and distorted shows you are working for the darkness.
   The Word of God is the foundation of the faith. You’ll pay for what you been doing. God comes down hard on any who affect to teach in His name and do as much damage to the faith as you and others like you have done.
   Have fun in hell, witch. – mdries
   Listen, devil-priest, just post the entire email. The ENTIRE email, if you do. This one too. And be sure to throw in the de riguour ‘sic’ where appropriate. Yes, as you read from my own reply to you the Spirit is indeed the Spirit of Truth. And the Spirit of discernment. You don’t have it. You fear man and side with man. You have to fear only God to have the Spirit of Truth and discernment in you. By the way, your recent statement that only specialists should have opinions regarding manuscript issues was very Roman Catholic of you, hence my opening above. God’s elect know the voice of the Shepherd, devil-priest; what you push is the filth and death of the devil. You’re not even a Calvinist. Like theonomists and Federal Visionists and other similar knaves within the tent of Calvinism you just use Calvinism to get an audience, but your main effort is to do the work of the devil in pushing the devil’s manuscripts. No, you’re not even a Calvinist; and if you tried to push those devil manuscripts on Calvin himself he wouldn’t even bother to burn you. He’d pin a note to your collar and buy you a ride to Rome… – mdries

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