Dear Sir: This is in regard to your article on Gail Riplinger. Just over a year ago the leader of the church that I had been attending condemned the AVKJ! This was shocking so ASAP I went into prayer asking our Heavenly Father thru His only begotten Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth to please show me His truth, not the leader’s truth,not my truth but only His. Also asking Him to give me the eyes to discern and recognize the truth as it came my way and then most importantly a willing heart to obey whatever He showed me. I got home that night and turned on the TV and a video that had been playing before came on right at the point of the AVKJ ONLY speaker was speaking. I slammed off the TV amd cried out to God, “I already know this, give me something else.” Well, not a month later He showed me the truth by bringing me to see and hear a speaker at The Prophecy Club in Laurel MD. Not the speaker but a man. I have no idea how this stranger and I began speaking about the AVKJ but we did. Here we were perfect strangers yelling at each other. Don’t know who was yelling the loudest! But then I shut up and decided that perhaps I should listen instead of being a Ms Know It All! By the time he finished and gave me a DVD that was about the AVKJ and then actually going to a church and hearing more I was utterly convinced. Please remember the prayer that I had prayed. Here we are,over a year has passed and many changes. No longer do I even possess any other Bible, nor will I. He showed me that only the TRANSPIRED WORD of GOD is His Word the AVKJ. My life has entirely changed due to this decision. Only those who have made this decision understand, you know like when we become born again? Our lives change! Well this is what happened to me. My deepest prayer is that you make the prayer that I did and truly seek to know the truth, He will show you. But remember to ask for a willing heart to listen to Him and then the willingness to obey! In the love of our Messiah, Jesus Christ of Nazerath, TW.

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