I know people will say this isn’t meant seriously…believe me, it is. CT is a well known figure on the net. I ran into this person on the PuritanBoard originally, defending the Comma Johanneum. Since then there have been various odd encounters here and there, but never anything like this. Click and read.

Yes, friends, not only is yours truly a “liberal academic” with a “womanishly tone” (wha?), but our intrepid blogger is able to find demons appearing in the flames of a burning NIV! Yes indeed, this is one I have to post myself. Few things illustrate the mindset of the wildest extremes of the KJV Only crowd than the picture of CT going frame by frame through a YouTube video of a burning NIV looking for faces of demons! Now, that’s actually Aslan, of course, but hey, I don’t want to disrupt CT’s visions!

Meanwhile, tomorrow I will be on Iron Sharpens Iron with Chris Arnzen to discuss the planned book burning at the 14-member Amazing Grace Baptist Church KJV on October 31st. Chris invited Pastor Marc Grizzard to be on the program (seen here) but he pointed out that “debate” is a bad thing (citing Romans 1:29, KJV, where ἔριδος is translated as “debate” but in modern translations is more accurately rendered “strife”—if Grizzard was consistent, he’d have to condemn the Apostle Paul for engaging in public debate in such places as Acts 17) and besides, James White is a “liberal, compromiser, and a heretic” as far as he is concerned. It is so great to be loved! I wonder if any of my books will get torched Saturday night? Sadly, I wasn’t on the list, but maybe now I will be!

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