The Snare Of The Devil
You asked about 2 Timothy 2:26 in one of your debates. ‘And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will’.
I am not sure exactly what you asked but this scripture stands out as I pray for you. You are a modern day Philetus, James. You have erred concerning the TRUTH (King James Bible) and you overthrow the faith of some. That is the devils work and you are in the SNARE OF THE DEVIL, held CAPTIVE BY HIM. You are actually doing the WILL OF THE DEVIL, James. The way to escape from the snare of the devil is to ACKNOWLEGE THE TRUTH. That is the WORD OF TRUTH (2 Tim 2:15)
God’s written word which GLORIFIES CHRIST in 1 Tim 3:16, Col 1:14, Rom 14:10, Dan 3:25, Luke 2:33. Your attitude toward the WRITTEN WORD OF GOD determines your attitude to the LIVING WORD OF GOD.
I saw in your correspondence with Dr Ruckman that you signed off using the NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST as though you are a minister of Christ? Do you really believe that you are?
I can see that you are in the SNARE OF THE DEVIL, James. You had a lot of responses to your ‘ministry’ (attacking the WRITTEN WORD OF GOD) right?
My response is out of concern for you, not to BEAT YOU UP but to help you get DELIVERENCE from the devils that possess you. There is deliverence in the name of Jesus and you can be set free from the Alexandrian Cult. Yes, you are in a cult. Just like Mormons and JWs, your mind is like theirs. Satan has your mind.

If you want to hook up by web cam, I can pray for you and ask the Lord and Saviour of the King James Bible to deliver you.


If I can be of any help to you, please email me.

Yours in the true and ONLY Lord Jesus Christ.

Matt Thomas

Hello Mr. Thomas:

I find your assertion that a particular version of a particular translation (in your case, either the Cambridge or Oxford editions of the 1769 Blayney Revision of the King James Version of the Bible) is to be equated, fully and without condition, with THE TRUTH to be not only grossly unbiblical (since the Bible was not written in English, and continues to exist to this day in God’s providence in the languages in which it was, in fact, originally written), but to be a-historical (the Reformation, for example, took place without the KJV, and many lived godly lives long before the KJV ever appeared) and utterly irrational. But when you make belief in the KJV a part of the gospel, sir, you leap from the realm of mistaken mythology to the area of simple heresy. To make a person’s relationship with Christ dependent upon a 17th century Anglican translation of the Bible is not only absurd, it is heretical.

If you would like to discuss the texts you cited (such as Colossians 1:14 or 1 Timothy 3:16), as well as some I’d like to ask you about (like Revelation 16:5), you are invited to call The Dividing Line toll free at 877-753-3341. I am doing a series on KJV Onlyism right now, so your call would fit in perfectly. The next program is this afternoon, 4pm MST, 6pm EST. I look forward to hearing from you!

James White

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