Well, I just about called Bethany House to ask them to stop publishing The Forgotten Trinity in light of the compelling argumentation provided by Jane in an e-mail to the ministry this morning. Here’s the text:

   Trinitarians hate the name of Jesus Christ. They literally hate Jesus name and refuse to say it when they are baptized. Thetrinity formula is worthless. Whatsoever you do in word or DEED do all in the name of the Lord. JUST SAY HIS NAME, but no you won’t DARE say that NAME because Satan has you bound and deceived. They will quote any scripture but Acts 2:38.
   It is the Roman catholic trinitarians who deny who Jesus is. The stupid trinity doctrine is a Roman Catholic invention and even the encyclopedias say the early church baptized in the name of JesusChrist. Learn some history.
   Peter said to baptize in the name of Jesus Christ. You say you do,but you lie. You will not SAY the name of Jesus Christ, yet claim to be baptized in the authority of his name. You won’t say his name in baptism because it is Satan who won’t say the name of Jesus because he knows more than you do about the blood. Peter said the name. Paul said his name.
   It is because Satan is terrified of that name and hates it as do the trinity folks.
   God used Oneness Pentecostals to give the church the great songs. Dottie Rambo was baptized in Jesus name and she gave the church 2500 songs. Joel Hemphill is also used to give songs to the church. Lanny Wolfe another Oneness. I have been in a Oneness church and I know they have something trinitarians do not have. You wouldn’t know.
   The stupid trinity doctrine was invented in about the fourth century fulfilling Acts 20:28-30 and be sure that God will bring you into judgment for denying his name.You need to learn not only the Bible but history and find out what is true.You’re basically a catholic calling yourself saved. You will hear Jesus say to you someday…Depart from me I never knew you.” Be sure!

   Well, there you go. It is hard to respond to the compelling force of the “stupid trinity” argument. Very hard indeed. But, it is all a lot of people have, and they are very zealous in repeating it. Pray that God will open Jane’s mind (and control her emotions!) and bring some solid Christians into her experience who will be able to expose her to truth.

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