“if any man thirsts let him come unto me and drink.” You really expect us to believe that God is talking to regenerate men here because it is only they who can thirst spiritually speaking?.Come now James if this is yor best answer then your pretty desperate. Your pulling the cart before the horse…assuming calvinistic dogma before it has been proven.Pretty basic error.Christ isn’t saying if any regenerate man comes…boy your answers would make hunt Gaffaw .

I assume this correspondent is referring to a portion of the last DL where I pointed out the error of Hunt’s assumption that if there is a command in Scripture, this must mean all men are naturally capable of fulfilling it. I pointed out that there are, in fact, many commands in Scripture that fall upon deaf ears amongst those who are unregenerate, but they are there to give guidance to those who receive mercy and grace from God. In any case, I leave it to my readers to ponder what kind of theology this person has who can believe dead men can thirst after Christ–and is it any wonder that when you bring that kind of man-centered belief into the faith you have a hard time explaining what it means to “hunger and thirst after righteousness”?
 Another listener wrote in,

You are going to find yourself in judgement before God with that evil doctrine! I would rather have The schultz mentality than see docrines that are not there! You have forced your pathetic vague doctrine and see pink Elephants, as I said before, that are not there!

Yeah, I find it ironic that these folks are commenting on a live webcast that features a toll-free phone number, too.

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