I can’t tell you how many times someone has commented that they could only make heads or tails out of half of Debating Calvinism. This note sent through our website by AWS from North Carolina says it well:

I am finishing up the book Debating Calvinism by Mr. Hunt and Dr. White. I have to say that I was very disappointed with the aurguments offered by Mr. Hunt. I really enjoyed the points made by Dr. White and I thought that his line of reasoning was very easy to follow. I struggled with even finishing the second half of the book with Hunt’s “refutation” of Calvinism. To say that I was frustrated with Hunt’s inability (or disregard for the subject) became annoying after awhile. I began my Christian life very onesided against Calvinism, and now find myself defending the position against Hunt’s airy opinions. I would like to read more of Dr. White’s books…

   I said to many during the writing of the book that I fully expected its primary impact to be limited to the how of the presentation; that is, I knew Dave would never stick to one topic; I knew as a result the book would be very “choppy” and difficult to follow; therefore, I knew my best hope would be to try to contrast as strongly as possible the presentation of the truth over against Hunt’s diatribes. For those with ears to hear, that has succeeded.

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