As is so often the case, commentary would be superfluous:

Message: Dr. White,

I thought I’d send you a quick note to ask if you’ve considered
getting therapy for your obvious emotional breakdown?

I also wanted to thank you for playing a portion of my debate with
Turretinfan on your program yesterday (10/8/09) and making sure that
it was made available in its entirety on your end so more people can
hear it. And also for doing a little promoting for my upcoming book.

It’s funny how a man like yourself who calls himself a Christian, who
is suppose to be an example to others, can go out of his way and mock
a highly respected fellow Christian like Dr. Caner (who you felt so
worthy to debate 2 years ago). I’m wondering how your listeners feel
about your behavior (not that you care)? But more importantly, I
wonder how Jesus feels about it? My prayer is that you won’t find out
the hard way. You really do need to repent.

It must be nice to hide behind a microphone in your quaint little
office sending your subordinates out to get embarassed instead of
going out yourself and taking some of the heat. Then again, if you’re
ignorant to the point of thinking that Turretinfan won that debate,
perhaps you’d be safer staying at home. Hey, what about the word
“REFUSE” in Ex 8:2 and Ex 10:3 do Reformers not understand? Oh and by
the way, when Turretinfan said that God hardened Pharaoh’s heart by
taking away his common sense, I almost fell off my chair. Did he get
that stuff from you, or did he make that one up on his own?

Anyway, have a great day!

Louis Ruggiero

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