Dear James, I get a kick out of you greatest hits videos on your website. They are good examples of decent debating and very poor debating skills. Unfortunatley God doesn’t judge us on our debating skills, he judges us on whether or not we have acepted the Grace thast He has offered us. I just wish for once you would debate someone who knew what the heck they were talking about. Anyone who knows the Catholic faith would have defeated your arguments very easily. Secondly just because someone has 2 PHDs, like Stravinskas, doesn’t mean that they know what they are talking about, or that they can debate their way out of a classroom of intellectually challenged school-children. I find it quite absurd that you put these videos on your site trying to glorify yourself, when you pick such pinheads like Stravinskas to debate. He wouldn’t know the side of a barn door if it hit him in the head. The answer for almsgiving covering a multitude of sins is only worthy if it is united to Jesus Christ. Catholicism is not a pay as you go Christianity. It is a unite yourself to the will of God and sacrifice your will for His, Christianity. One which you have no clue of. I know that I don’t have 2 PHDs James, but I could defend the Catholic faith much better than the clowns you put on your videos. Yours in Christ, Matthew.

   The next time I see Fr. Stravinskas, Fr. Pacwa, Gerry Matatics, etc., I will let them know you think they are clowns. Thanks for writing.

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