Most of these speak for themselves. I comment only when needed.

Robert A. Lopez wrote:

Personally, I read what you wrote regarding the late Pope on your website and am puzzled why you believe other Protestants are missing the boat and not being true to the Gospel? Are they not true Sola Protestants? Or are they not because they do not interpret the Gospel according to the infallible interpretations of Pope James White?

Comment: I would look terrible in that hat. Note how if you believe the Bible is clear on something that Rome denies, you are making yourself a Pope.
Jason Cebalo very interestingly commented:

Dear Dr. White, I’ve been reading your blog entires on the death of the Pope, you’r comments have been interesting but it seems to me you are telling only half of the story. You have been talking as if John Paul II was preaching the same things Trent preached, and one side of him did preach those things, but it seems to me the other side of what he preached is even more worthy of comment. The other side is a Pope who has embraced things that Popes of Trent would be entirly united with the reformers in condemning. This is the Pope who went into synagogues and prayed with the rabbis, embracing them as brothers. This is the Pope who prayed that Islam would be defended. This is the Pope who told the pagans at Assisi that they were all praying to the one God. The Pope talks about the consensus of the fathers, what was the consensus of the Fathers about the prayers of a synagogue? If Augustine, Chrysothum, Jerome, Aquinas, Loyola and Bellermine could speak, would they not speak jointly with Luther and Calvin in condemning the inter-faith activites of this Pope.

Comment: touche! I did, in fact, mention this earlier in one of the blog articles. JPII worked hard to keep both sides together, but often made very inclusivistic, very non-traditional statements along those lines, no question about it.

“Tim” provided a fairly representational “I’ll rip your head off and demonstrate I haven’t a clue what you have said” kind of flaming e-mail by writing,

Mr. White, Wow your rediculouse remarks sure have aet off a firestorm on Steve Rays message board!!! Well I for one can understand why this is so. My friend you are a simple hate monger of the Catholic Church. The reason that you hate it so much is that in the back of your mind in the deepest part of the night you know That Roman Catholicism is the true religion and the true church started by Christ. To admit this would be the end of your career, and the way of life that you have come to know. To bad you don’t have the courage and intellectual honesty of a Scott Hahn or a Steve Ray. I can also imagine the other reason why you are so hacked off at Catholic Apologists is because you get your butt handed to you everytime you debate one. I will never forget the debate you had with Patrick Madrid on “Sola Scriptura” I have listened to that debate at least 20 times…I felt so embarrassed for you. I would have thought that after an intellectual thrashing like the one you recieved from him, you would avoid proffessional Catholic apologists like the plague. Unfortunately you have not. I think the correct definition of your apologetic ministry is “Glutton for Punishment”. Anyhow, I just want you to know that long after the thousands upon thousands of man centered, protestant churches (after all each protestant denomination has been started by a mere FALLIBLE man)left in the dust the Roman Catholic Church will be standing-preaching the true Gospel, not the truncated man made version that you and other protestants pretend to believe in. May God change your heart so you will follow your sister home… Tim

That one just speaks for itself. 🙂

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