Dear James,

In spite of Hank’s best efforts to gang up on you, you (through Scripture) smashed George Bryson’s reasoning. I was amazed at his lack of understanding of the Bible and his refusal to address Genesis 50:20, his explaining away Rom. 8:7,8 with a “you don’t need to see my papers” (Star Wars reference) smokescreen, etc.

I hate that Hank allowed George to erect straw man after straw man, commit logical fallacy after logical fallacy, and, worst of all, not forcing him to use Scripture.

Great job of explaining John 6 in answering who decides whom will be saved. Interestingly, George referred to Scripture to answer this question, but never put these verses in context. He gave no explanation of John 3, Eph 2, 1 Tim. 2, just states that they prove his free-will position.

It was a 3 hour one-on-two whupping. Listening to it was much like what I imagine a Shaq vs. Frodo and Sam match-up would look like. For those with ears, this was a rout of epic proportions.

I am praising God that He used you to proclaim His truth and correct those who contradict,


P.S. I enjoyed your debate with Mr.. Bryson on CRI. I believe it was really 2 on 1 with Hank trying to help George. Even though I take Hank’s perspective on the issue of Calvinism I think you exhibited much better debate skills than George. I detect Hank noticed this too. I don’t know why George Bryson has been the point man for these debates but there are times when he simply doesn’t seem to know terms or even Bible verses. I say these things as someone who doesn’t agree with your views and would generally support George’s/Hank’s views on the matter. It might have been better to have the debate just between you and Hank.


Just wanted to say I think you did very well and glorified God in your defense of scripture. I think anyone with an open mind and an open Bible will notice the emotive elements and lack of exegesis coming from Bryson and Hank. And it’s sad that the host of the show (who should be impartial) shows his theological bias against Reformed theology by siding with the other guest. But just like you mentioned a while back in one of your debates with a Catholic apologist before a majority Catholic audience, those with ears will hear the truth and believe. God is well pleased with your efforts and in the long run, it’s all about Him anyway.

Good job, bro. Can’t wait to see what becomes of all the folks who are influenced by TPF.



The reason why I am writing this is to tell you that it was obvious that you were double teamed on the Bible Answer Man debate. There was only one Bible answer man there, because there was only one man sticking to scripture. That man was you, and I am hoping the whole listening audience noticed that one

Biblical election always wins, because we always stick to the text. Humansistic debaters always go to philosophy.

My encouragement to you, (sorry if I’m being pastorly) is stick to the text, stick to the text, stick to the text, and then use your cross-examination method that I read about somewhere once that you wrote on.

Man, you rock!

Blessings in Christ,

Dear Dr. White,

Excellent defense of sound reformed theology as you went at it with CC G. Bryson & Hank H. on the Bible answer man show yesterday! I look forward to hearing the rest of the program.

Oh, that the Lord would continue to bless your noble efforts!!!

Go James Go!!!

Thank you for your excellent efforts!

For the glory of God!


I would like to commend Dr. White on his performance and demeanor during the “debate” on the BAM. It was two on one and I noticed Hank interrupting James quite a bit as well, but I thank you for the poignant points and relevant responses to the questions at hand. George and Hank did not afford the same. I hope this serves as some form of encouragement for you and your team at Alpha and Omega Ministries. Thank you for standing for the truths in scripture and keep up the good work! No reply is necessary.

In Christ,

Hi I just wanted to say that I was very inspired by the Lord with Mr. White’s defense of the Gospel on BAM. I had not realized how really close to a reformation ourselves we are in since psychology has taken over so much of the church today. Please tell Mr. White the Lord is using him and his determination to stick to the scriptures to motivate all of His children to earnestly contend for the faith. We have tested scripture and have been able to use his great example of exegesis to make sure we teach our children the biblical languages and know the extreme importance of treasuring God’s precious Word. It shines as strong today even as it did back in church History hundreds of years ago w/ Wicklif, Huss, Luther and Calvin! Tell him we love him we are praying for him and all of you who make defending the faith possible for Mr. White. May Jesus bless you in your hearts with how He feels about you this Christmas.

Georgetown Texas

Dear James
I notice that Both Bryson and Hank, both whom I respect very much, never answer your questions dealing with the text, i.e. Gen:50 etc… They both, surprisingly, shift to philosophical, emotional argumentation on every point. I wonder why even the great orators of our day, like Hank and Bryson, refuse to deal directly with the text. They always subvert to another argument while never addressing the specific text or issue. Anyway, keep plugging, and call them on it point blank, as you do, when they refuse to deal with the text of Scripture.

Dear James:

I just had to declare you the winner of the debate on the Bible Answer Man. The grace of God excites me so much and listening to the pure, undistorted message of grace is such a blessing. I always ask, “Why me and not them?” There is no reason except grace. There is nothing good in me. I didn’t seek after God. He sought me. I also appreciate that you used scripture (or tried to). Mr. Bryson just uses his own understanding of how he wants God to be.

I’m not sure where Hank stands, but you defended your position marvelously according to scripture. Thanks for brightening my day. It really is the good news.

I was making Christmas cookies while listening to the first two hours on the Internet. You made the tedious job go a lot faster. I can’t wait till 6 o’clock so I can listen to the last broadcast. God bless you.

Louisville, KY

Hi JAMES Just wanted to say thanks for a fine job on the BAM show. I am trying my best to be able to get where you are in apologetics concerning the doctrines of grace. I’m impressed by how much you know. It’s so awesome, they always go for the emotion when asked to answer exegetical questions. Your asking about Gen. he answers with rape and murder. Mark Keiler uses some of your debate on his show Word Pictures, and he brought that out about Dave Hunt, you asked him about a verse, he comes back with emotion and never answers you, and now I see it all the time. And also the use 2nd Peter 3: 8 & 9, you’d think they’d realize the Lords talking to believers, but everyone uses anyhow.
Great JOB!!!!!!

May the Lords face shine on you
God bless, J


What an amazing job you did on BAM. The third and final night was the nail in the coffin, so to speak, for Bryson and Hank. It was more obvious than even the previous nights how philosophical their answers were, and how they ran from your questions. It became even more painfully obvious how shallow their theology was when the last 2 callers asked their questions. Not only did the answers become redundant and quite ignorant, but Hank ended the show quickly when he knew the “show was over” (pun intended).

All in all it was a victory for the true gospel and for our Lord Jesus Christ. There were SO many people here in San Antonio that were tuned in, and reacted the same as I did. True colors were shown and truth was told. Praise God for you James White. You kick serious butt brutha.

Dear James:
Over the weekend I was able to listen to your wonderful defense of the faith on BAM. God bless you! Your defense of God’s sovereign purpose from Gen. 50 was solid. Just this weekend I was able to use your line of argument, from Scripture, with some friends of mine. I am going to recommend this debate to some of my synergistic friends and family members because I really think you exposed the complete Scriptural voidness of Bryson’s position. When confronted with Scripture, all he could do was tap dance around it and “move on the real issue…”, which, of course, was just a bunch of man-centered reason and emotionally charged rhetoric.
Thank you for your ministry and for defending the faith in this post-modern age. You might never know, this side of heaven, how much your ministry has impacted the lives of His people. My life has been permanently changed for His glory by AOMIN’s work!

Puyallup, WA

We had to work to find some negative ones, and while looking, got this one:


I recently finished listening to the last installment of the BAM debate with you and George Bryson.  I also read your sample emails (were they really representative?  I didn’t see one even partially negative), and thought that while Hank did seem to side with Bryson in the first hour, he certainly sided with you during portions of the other two shows, so I think the charge of “double-teaming” you is hardly accurate.  Also, if I was to score the debate, I would give round one (the first hour) to George, declare the second one a draw, and give the third one to you.  Just my opinion.

One quick question.  In the final hour of the three shows, both you and Hank stated that the bible unequivocally states “God created evil,” but I never heard a bible reference for that.  Can you please tell me where the bible says “God created evil”?


One gets tired of hearing the same old tirads from those espousing reformed theology.  Too much time is spent arguing and fighting over the Doctines of DIS-Grace.  It seems to me that while millions are going to a Christless eternity never hearing the Gospel, individuals like yourselves are more interesting in arguing amongst yourselves concerning doctrinal issues rather than preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am sure we are all going to be surprised when we find some of our Arminian friends in glory.  It is just like the Arminian said to the Calvinist, “If we didn’t win them to the Lord you wouldn’t have anyone to work on!”

Hey Guys,

Thanks for standing “firm in the faith.” It is obvious that those who build on Scripture and consistent biblical exegesis will ever be found standing firmly on the rock of Truth, and not sinking in the quicksand of human philosophy. The debate with Hank & George was yet another sad example of the traditional, eclectic, inconsistent, philosophical, proud, man-glorifying, God dishonoring, and frankly idolatrous doctrine of free-will libertarianism. The caricature of James recently posted on the web site is a great and timely illustration (pardon the pun) of what James’ opponents usually debate against. I believe they attack a distorted picture because the truth is to much for them to surrmount. One would have hoped from more than this from Hannegraaff and Bryson.

I have often equated witnessing to Mormons with attempting to climb a wall of Jell-O. Every time you try to get a Biblical foothold, you find yourself with a handful of squish. Unfortunately Hank and George likewise resorted to squish every time James tried to keep the discussion biblical. Even with their tag-team effort, their interruptions, their unwillingness to be biblical, and their ultimate departure into humanistic philosophy, God’s sovereign grace was displayed. And as such, the prayers of many of us who are deeply concerned with such things were providentially answered.

Several times when James pushed for an answer to a specific text, Bryson disintegrated into shameless plugs for his new book. I do suppose that this was a tad more compelling than his answer to John 6 which James had posed in their previous debate. After listening to George Bryson’s explanation of that text numerous times, I am certain that even he does not understand what it was that he was trying to say! He was obviously, and sadly, drawing it out of thin (very thin) air as he went along. Tradition is a formidable foe.

Why is it that libertarian free-willers catapult into instant hocus-pocus, and eisegesis of relevant texts when trying to answer to God’s sovereignty? Because they are fallen, clay-pots just as we all are…and but for His magnificent grace we would all be doing the same thing. I am thankful that our King has raised up men such as James, and ministries such as this one to defend His True character. He always has His people in place for such times as these.

Keep up the good work James, Simon and the rest =). Many people I know have come to life-changing experiences regarding the LORD through your proclamation of the doctrines of grace. Your “Theology and Apologetics” seminar (Sunday school) tapes that I bought years ago (which have been passed from hands to hands for the last 6 years) are essentially worn out! Praise God for using them in such a profound way to bear much fruit for His glory!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Manassas, VA
Dear Dr. White,

Thank you again for your biblical defense of Reformed doctrines and your concern for the glory of God.

When I was listening to your exegesis of specific passages relating to the sovereignty of God on the BAM show (Genesis 50, Acts 4, Isaiah 10) I was encouraged greatly. I realized that the problem of evil cannot be explained away fully but God has revealed his role in creation and we dare not contradict His Word with fallible reason.

The differences in approach to this topic was plainly seen. Bryson appealed to reason, you appealed to Scripture. Bryson tried to explain away mysteries without reference to the Bible, whereas you stated mysteries (like where evil came from and its compatibility with responsibility) in reference to God’s infallible Word. One side was concerned with philosophical paradigms, the other, with what the text says.

In the first hour not one Bible verse was stated by Bryson in defense of his position! (and when you mentioned passages that pointed to the biblical faithfulness of the other position, Bryson did not delve into the text but instead appealed to emotion and reason by referring to human illustrations)

So thank you! I was looking forward to this debate more than the Lord of the Rings movie opening. I knew it would show a biblical view compared to purely philosophical one. I am happy to send the tapes of the debate to my teacher who has recently become interested in these doctrines and their implications for Christian living.

Press on for truth and for God’s glory,
Burnsville, MN
Hi James,

Just writing to let you know what a stand-up job you did in the BAM “debate” with George Bryson. The the two-finger bracket is included because the atmosphere, particularly in the first hour, was not one conducive to an open exchange of ideas. Hank seemed to rather openly side against the Calvinist stance or, at the very least, play a strong devil’s advocate for a non reformed position. He did not challenge Mr. Bryson’s assertions with anywhere near the quickness and acuity he did yours. He put you on the defensive but he more or less gave George a pass. Negatively, this showed potential bias on his part (unprofessional to say the least). Positively, it gave you the opportunity to argue your position from scripture. And you did just that! James, you did Martin, John and Charles proud. As those great expositors knew, scripture is where the doctrines of grace are to be found and it is from scripture their defense must be erected. George (and Hank unfortunately) repeatedly used philosophy and emotionalism to not only attack your position but to build and defend his own as well.
The vacuous and unbiblical nature of Mr. Bryson’s argument was made glaringly obvious when, in the third hour, he was not able to answer a caller’s request to scripturally show who initiates the individual’s salvation. You went right to John 6 and he….well he made no sense frankly. This was the winning stroke IMO. You clearly demonstrated
that just as the Reformers and their successors stood on the scriptures to fight against the philosophical humanism of Rome, Arminius and the Enlightenment in their day, so to must we look only to the Good Book to oppose all the similar vanities of our postmodern age.

Bravo, James, Bravo. May God continue to use you for a long time to come.

Best regards and joyous Christmas blessings,

Dear Dr. White,

I am writing to you regarding the Bible Answer Man debate. Loved it! I just wanted to add my two cents to the whole “double team” issue. I personally think Hank was trying to help good ole George. I agree that the Bible text was never addressed. I often feel that your debates are won due to the exegetical content that you use. At any rate, at least you inspired me to read my Bible.

Merry Christmas
A Fan

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