I don’t think “Buck Helmington” exists, and when I wrote back to the address provided here I did not get any response at all, so I can only assume this is a spoof. But, it’s a humorous one, whoever pulled it off.

James White,
A while ago I listened to the debate that you had with Lou Rugg. I was thoroughly surprised over Lou’s compelling argumentation, which I thought demolished your Kalvinististic diatribe. Let me tell you why I don’t find Kalvinism compelling. Much of what I’ve heard about Kalvinism is from the chat program Pal Talk. Now, there are knowledgeable brothers on Pal Talk, and they have attempted to explain the basic teachings espoused by Jon Kalvine and his 10 statutes, and I am not impressed sir. BTW, his 95 theses nailed to the door of the catholic headquarters is admirable, but he went downhill from there. And as an aside, I find it interesting that you briefly signed up for Pal Talk but left as fast as you came. Is this because you couldn’t stand up to the Biblical knowledge that is permeating Pal Talk? Perhaps you didn’t want be backed into a corner and refuted? Are you courageous enough to debate my friends on pal talk? We shall see.

   Here is a video about ol’ Lou Rugg:

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