Though Debating Calvinism has been out for a while now, many of Dave Hunt’s fans trust him so much they only rarely wander outside the realm of The Berean Call to see what others have to say. But when they do, the reactions can be quite interesting. Today we received this note from T.D. up in Wisconsin. Evidently it is in reference to the open letter I wrote in response to Dave when the first edition of What Love is This? came out (remember, Hunt has had to go through various editions now, each time “fixing” things without notice). This was the letter that prompted the writing of Debating Calvinism. If you have not read this letter, and are interested in the issues surrounding Dave Hunt’s consistent, though oft-refuted, misrepresentations and attacks upon Reformed theology, I would recommend it to your reading. It is quite lengthy. The section on John 3:16ff has been useful to many. Another reason to read it is to get the background to the following e-mail sent to the ministry:

Dear Mr White, After reading your rebuttle to David Hunt’s “What Love Is This?” publication, I found it odd that your website would be captioned with the words: “Our ambition… is to be pleasing to Him. 2 Cor. 5:9”. I found your article to be snide and arrogant; and rather than promoting what you so vehemently claim to be truth by stating simple Scripture, you chose, instead, to allow sarcasm to make a mockery of the entire point you failed to make. The only point you concluded for any readers is that God’s abounding love and grace (extended to ALL) will abide even through the ages and criticizings of heretical wolves like yourself. For the benefit of all, keep your pompous contradictions to yourself and save the world a whole lot of additional muck.

Dear T.D.:

Thank you for your note. Of course, as I sit here looking at the many, many pages of biblical exegesis and argumentation, along with documentation of clear errors on Mr. Hunt’s part in the article you claim to have read, I am left wondering what you are talking about. Over the years I have become accustomed to this kind of response, to be honest. In essence, I gored your traditional ox, and since you have no means of responding, the only thing left to do is to speak in vague generalities, engage in unsubstantiated ad-hominem argumentation, and hopefully, by the end, feel a bit better about it all. But does that really accomplish anything? If what I said in response to Mr. Hunt is true, and your highest call is to obey and follow the Word of God, you are now accountable to the truth you read in that article (if, in fact, you read all of it). What are you going to do about that? I know in our day and age the idea of being accountable to God for truth and for living in light of it is an odd idea. But what if I’m right? Think about it.

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